Fellow Duties

imaging fellowship



AOI Fellows have an array of procedural duties and critical responsibilities. Chief among these are adhering to a published work schedule. Fellows preview and dictate all MSK MR, CT, and Nuclear medicine studies for review with MSK Staff, and perform or assist with all MSK-related procedures. This includes joint injection/aspiration, biopsy, and ultrasound. Fellows also maintain MSK Radiology Databases by adding interesting cases into the Case Log, and follow up pathology reports and operation notes.


Other duties include: helping to prepare cases for the quarterly Ortho-Radiology conference, coordinating cases for review with Orthopedic Fellows, attending lectures given by MSK Staff, attending ultrasound tutorials, and leading quarterly MSK case conferences.




MSK Fellow 1 (OSC)


The MSK1 Fellow is primarily responsible for performing joint injections/aspirations and other procedures at the St. Vincent’s Birmingham OrthoSports Center (OSC). This fellow also previews and predicates MSK studies prior to review with the MSK Staff. Modalities include MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine studies. This fellow also participates in MSK CT and Ultrasound guided procedures as time allows.


MSK Fellow 2 (Spine)


The MSK2 fellow spends the morning on Spine imaging in conjunction with dedicated, fellowship-trained Neuroradiology staff. Duties include performing myelograms and other spine procedures as well as previewing and predictating Spine CT and MRI studies prior to review with Neuroradiology/MSK staff. Because the MSK volume is so high, this fellow spends the afternoon on MSK imaging in coordination with the MSK1 fellow. Duties include MSK procedures and reviewing MSK studies with MSK staff.


General Fellow


AOI Fellows each rotate through one of several general radiology shifts. Duties include performing general radiology procedures including fluoroscopy
and joint injections. Duties also include independent reading of general radiology studies (except for advanced Neuro, advanced MSK, and mammography). No advanced procedures are included. VIA radiologists are always available for instant consultation. This fellow shift has proven beneficial to past fellows in preparing them for general call with VIA, maintaining their general skills from residency, and preparing them for their future radiology practice.


After Hours Call


Fellows participate in the VIA general call/after hours pool with the exception of overnights; fellows are not required to work overnights.
After hours work can be done from home, the VIA business office, or on-site. Home workstations and IT support are provided to fellows by VIA. Weekend day call shifts are split between 2 general radiologists. This primarily consists of reading of general radiology studies with occasional basic general
radiology procedures. Backup is available for advanced procedures. Weekday evening shifts consist of independent reading of general radiology studies.




Internal moonlighting is built into the fellowship schedule with reimbursement at a competitive rate. Additional internal moonlighting opportunities are available. External moonlighting is allowed upon approval by VIA.